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Online Accounts, My Password Mini Journal - Purple

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Keep track of all of y0ur user names and passwords in one convenient place.  Tabbed alphabet pages help keep locations of websites organized and easy to find!  Did you know you should never use the same password for multiple accounts?  If someone hacks into one account, they will be able to access all of your accounts.  Do not use your pet names, children’s names, or birth date.  Use a series of letters, symbols, numbers, and upper case.  You will be glad you did!

  • Guided journal, writing prompts on each page
  • Printed in the USA
  • Soy-based ink
  • Acid-free recycled paper
  • Durable hard cover design
(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Online Accounts, My Password Mini Journal – Purple

  1. Maureen Singleton

    I love my little book it keeps all my info and I never forget my password. Would like to order 4 for my friends and family

  2. signacares (verified owner)

    I like mine so much I am buying a couple for gifts.

  3. Liz Gibson (verified owner)

    This little book has saved me a ton of time so many times that I can’t count! I have had mine for about 2 years now and I no longer have to stress over finding the right website and password or fool with getting a password reset just about every time I try to log in. There are just too many passwords to remember and the rules are different on different sites and then there are the resets – so forget using one or two passwords! the only thing is, this book has to be kept in a safe place – don’t carry it around with you and take the chance of losing it!

  4. Deborah Eckberg

    I love mine so much, when I spilled coffee on it, I panicked! I went back to where I originally bought it and they didn’t carry it any longer. I went on line and found another in my favorite color. It’s such a great tool. I use it all the time, and that’s what it saves. TIME. No more guessing, writing down passwords in different places and then trying to remember where I put it and consequently; what’s the password for an important site! Great “little” tool with a “huge” punch.

  5. Disorganized

    How in the world did I live without this? My sister gave it to me as a gift (she can’t get along without it either!) Truly – I have practically worn it out from thumbing through it so many times and only a year old (Guess I had better order a lifetime supply?) I did add my own alphabetic tabs so can easily flip to the right section (A-E,etc, etc). The darned thing is filling up though as my husband has now had me add all of his info, and I definitely needed to jot down all of my 90+ year old mother’s info as well. (I should have 3 and start a mini-library) GREAT gift item! Let’s fact it, who can remember all this stuff?????

  6. StartNewYear

    I love this organizational tool. I have been using it for a couple of years now. Even though I write in pencil and erase no longer used accounts, mine has gotten messy. I am on-line to purchase a new one to start over with a clean slate. While here I am going to buy a few for gifts.

  7. LaChristall

    I love mine. I have had it for years now I’m buying another one.

  8. Kelly Stangel

    I’ve had mine for several years. I had searched everywhere for a small, USEFUL password book, but nothing fit the bill until I came across this little journal. I keep info for myself, my husband, my adult kids, my elderly aunt and my now deceased mother-in-law. Since I handle my elderly family members’ finances it’s impossible to keep track of all the different passwords, etc. I’m buying some for my kids for next Christmas as they now all have their own homes and lives. P.S., I’ll still keep their passwords for those emergency phone calls needing passwords.

  9. Beth P

    My poor email journal is just about worn out! I’ve had mine for over six years and it’s finally getting full and showing signs of wear. This is a great journal to keep all your important info in, pocket size enough to carry with you, and easy to reference. LOVE IT!!

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