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Dreams - A Dream Mini Journal

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Write down your dreams while they’re fresh in your mind in the Dreams Journal. With the Dream Journal, a pen, and a small light beside your bed, you have less chance of deciding to wait until morning to find, as usual, that you can’t remember it. Leading questions help you analyze and interpret every happy, crazy, funny, scary, and outrageous dream.

  • Guided journal, writing prompts on each page
  • Printed in the USA
  • Soy-based ink
  • Acid-free recycled paper
  • Durable hard cover design
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1 review for Dreams – A Dream Mini Journal

  1. Stephanie Hahn

    I LOVE this!! Have been writing down my dreams since 2005 in this book.. Will be ordering another shortly. You will be surprised how many dreams you will remember having.. I never know where my dreams will take me until I get there.

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